Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How the hell do you hook up with a man?

A post on the bitterbabe was the impetus for this post

I have the view that you can meet men anywhere and yes facebook seems as good a possibility as anything.   I've pretty much given up on Internet dating, but have been going to meet-up groups.  One of them is a boardgamers group, which I really like and there is a man who goes who is interested in me - but it's not reciprocated.  He's about 11/12 years older - not insurmountable but after a couple of divorces doesn't have a cent to his name - earns ok money now but rents his place and seems to have no intention of saving.  He's also got a bit of a pot belly and well he's kind of annoying.  Honestly I don't think I'm that fussy these days but I do want to be with someone who brings something to my life to make it easier - i.e. cooks, shows an ability to save money, is a handyman, is loving and caring - I don't expect the full gamut - but at least one of those would be nice.

Then on the weekend I went on a walk with a group I hadn't been out with before.  Met an English guy who seemed quite interesting - we talked for quite a bit and he seemed interested in me.  Bravely as we were having a drink at the end of the day I said it would be nice to stay in contact and suggested exchanging numbers - he said he'd like to so as I didn't have my phone with me he texted me - when I got home I texted him back said something about sore legs and that I'd enjoyed meeting him - he responded with the same.  So I'm thinking - sounds good.  Then a couple of days later I texted him about the transit of venus - I knew something was happening with venus when we met and couldn't remember what - so when I found out I just texted him with the web address and that I'd found out what was happening with venus.  I got nothing back - not surprising I guess, as a male friend said I should have given him more of an opening.  But I don't know - I think if he's interested he's going to respond in some way.  Anyway this same friend thinks I should contact him on the weekend and see if he wants to catch up for a coffee - but it feels really try hardish - isn't the man supposed to chase the woman....honestly I don't know - I think I'm a lost cause when it comes to dating - it exhausts me trying to work out what one should and shouldn't do and when one should decide 'he's just not that into you'.

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