Friday, 8 June 2012

More on finding my purpose

In my quest of find my life's purpose I have been finding some interesting information that is starting to mesh together.  I should however say that I'm not sure that I have or even desire to have one clearly defined life purpose - but something to move towards at this stage would be nice.  I found this interesting post on the difficulties that childfree women can have in finding their life purpose in a pro-natal world.  The question - what do I want to create and bring forth in my life? reminds me of a conversation I had not that long ago.  I know I want more love in my life and some (not many - but at least a couple) of relationships with close connections.  So rather than have some kind of ideal picture of what this may look like and my GOAL being to achieve this ideal picture - following Acceptance and Commitment Therapy I can instead VALUE love and connection more. 

Values can be defined as:
A chosen direction in which an individual can always move, no matter what milestones are reached.   

So by valuing love and connection I can  notice when and where I feel love and connection in my life so that I can set myself tasks and direct my life to bring more of this into my life.  So for now valuing love and connection seems as close to a life purpose as I need - it may change - knowing me it will undoubtedly change - but that's life.


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  2. I personally find that I do not feel I have one defined purpose... but I know what you mean at the same time. Now that I cannot have children, I think "OK, what now?" I mean, I know want to travel a lot, but what about things beyond that? What else would I like to do? What else would I like from my life? How do I want to be remembered. There are a lot of questions to think about... I think a question/challenge we all face.

    I really like that definition of values :) Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    1. Thanks Nicole I enjoy following your journey as well.