Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Gratitude post

I'm feeling particularly down today, so rather than wallow in it I've done my best to try and find some things to be grateful for....

  • I have a good car that is nice to drive and am about to embark on a drive from Canberra to Melbourne.
  • I have friends who arranged a date for me with one of their friends – looks like it won’t go anywhere, but at least they made the effort.
  • I have a beautiful dog that I love with all my heart.
  • I have a friend I could ring at 11pm last night – crying because I don’t think this potential relationship is going anywhere and I still allow myself to get too invested in these things.  He listened and didn't make me feel like an idiot.
  • I have nice hair with a good haircut - yep got it done for my great date!
  • I had a man who was interested enough in me to readjust his schedule in order to see me twice over the weekend.
  • I have discovered melatonin to help me sleep when I’m feeling down and too upset to sleep.
  • I feel I sometimes have the ability to see into another person’s heart and thus I have the potential for a very loving and close relationship.
  • Although it doesn’t feel like it at the moment, I must have resilience as I have just put myself out there once again – despite the constant pain.
  • I still have a tiny weeny bit of hope that one day I’ll develop a loving relationship with a partner, who loves and accepts me foibles and all.

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