Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Bucket List

Since it seems I won't become a mother now, I have decided to do a bucket list of other things I'd like to do in my life....this list is valid for today only, for tomorrow it may change....
  • Travel to Burma (hopefully at the end of this year)
  • Have a partner who I love and who loves me (lots of other ones related to this)
  • Get paid to write something
  • Go on an overseas holiday with my partner, would be so nice to not travel alone for once
  • Work overseas with my partner (having done a fair bit of this I'd love to share it with someone)
  • Go on a road trip through southern USA
  • Live in an environmentally friendly house in the tropics
  • Do some more work in the Pacific (especially PNG - love that country) - perhaps teaching psychology (when and if I become qualified and experienced enough to teach)
  • Work part time either for myself or in a business with said partner
  • Renovate another home - this time with that partner (yep he's going to be busy)
  • Travel in southern India
  • Have some wonderful sensual regular sex, ideally with that elusive partner
How about you, what's in your childfree bucket lists?


  1. Working part-time is definitely on mine!

  2. Yes working part time is great, I managed to reduce my work to 4 days a week in my last job. Currently looking for part time work at the moment (while I study) but have been told by a recruitment company that part time work is hard to find as it's generally saved by employers for mothers returning to work - yep kick me when I'm down.